General Rules

Library Rules for Students
  1. A book is issued for a week for classes IV to XII.
  2. The book must be returned on the due date mentioned on the date sheet of the book.
  3. If a child is absent on the day of the Library period, he/she must return the book in the recess on the next day.
  4. For late return, a fine of Rs. 5/- will be charged per day including the holidays.
  5. No new book will be issued to the child until the previous book is returned and the fine has been paid.
  6. If a student damages a book, he/she will have to replace it with a new one.
  7. If a student misplaces a book, he/she will have to pay one and a half time of the cost of the book.
  8. If a student loses the library card , he/she will have to pay a fine of Rs.20.
  9. Taking care of library books is of paramount importance.

Instructions Regarding Tiffin
  1. Parents are requested to pack the lunch properly. Do not wrap the food in newspaper, plastic bags or aluminium foil.
  2. Pickles / sauces are not allowed. Messy food like noodles, curry etc should be avoided. Kindly encourage your ward to carry and consume healthy food.
  3. Lunch box should be carried by the student. Sending lunch box during break is not allowed.

Inter House Activities : - Council Members
The School follows the House Systems for academic, cultural, indoor and outdoor activities. Inter House competitions are organized to provide all round training for extra and co-curricular activities.
The Student Council is led by the Head Girl / Head Boy assisted by the Deputy Head Girl / Head Boy, House Captains and Vice- Captains, Cultural Captain & Sports Captain. The Council Members are selected on the basis of their qualities of leadership, capabilities and respect from their fellow students.

School Picnics
The school arranges picnics from time to time which are to be attended on specified payment by all the students compulsorily, relaxation may however be given by the Principal in genuine cases.

School Tours
The School organizes tours for the students from time to time, information about which is given in advance. Since the seats are limited, students are registered on first come first serve basis. Written permission of the parent is a must.

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