The school lays ample stress on inculcating inner discipline. Discipline provides the base for all future success. We expect our parents to honour the school rules and regulations and ensure that their wards also do the same.

Students must come to the school punctually and regularly, dressed tidily in the proper school uniform.
We expect our students to stand out by the way they carry themselves, behave and talk, whether among themselves or with the staff members, visitors and outsiders. Any dis-obedience, misbehaviour, rudeness or use of improper language will be dealt seriously.
Students should not drive motorized vehicles to and from the school unless they have valid licenses and have secured the permission from the school authorities to do so. It is mandatory to wear helmets while driving, else they won't e allowed to enter school premises.
Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, misconduct or bad moral influence may cause the expulsion of the child from the school.

Parents and Guardians shall also take care that their ward does not.
  • disobey/answer back his teachers & seniors.
  • damage/spoil school property, furniture & walls etc.
  • bring any mobile phones, I-Pods, cameras, CD’s or any other objectionable materials in the school premises.
  • bring/fire crackers in the school premises.
  • brings/splash colours in the school premises.
  • wear any rings, bracelets, ear rings or any other items of jewellery in the school premises.

Note : The school can take any action if their ward violates any of the above.

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